Hi there!

My name is Bernadine, but you can call me BB if you like 🙂 I became a Christian when I was sixteen. One year later, I met Lawson. We started courting at age 20 and married at 21. Our honeymoon baby (Isabella) made us parents at 22 and a year later, our son Jonathan, arrived! WHEW, right?!

We’ve lived in many states, but are currently back in Texas (San Antonio) and absolutely loving it. We’ve worn many hats during our lifetime, including daycare teacher, photographer, spoken word poet and counselor at a pregnancy center (me) and youth pastor then associate pastor (him).

Now we are 100% focused on our little family because family is everything and family is our first and most important “ministry”! I’ve learned things about Biblical womanhood and marriage the easy way but many the hard way. I love sharing life and sharing stories, and I cannot wait to share more with you about these things. I love getting the chance to talk with you through social media, blogs, vlogs and talks! I hope they are a blessing to you sis! And I’m so glad you stopped by. 🙂

– Bernadine / Embracing Woman