Legal Makes The Difference

Processed with VSCO with c2 presetWith all the headline news about immigration, the U.S./Mexico border, the chaos with laws passed by Clinton in 1997 and the attacks on President Trump, more and more legal immigrants are speaking up and standing behind proper border laws versus open borders. #LegalMakesTheDifference

As a first-generation immigrant myself, I acknowledge that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing these things. In the 90’s, after my mother passed away, my father applied for citizenship at the U.S. Embassy in the Philippines. He got the paperworks, filled them out (pages and pages), paid the fees, waited and waited.

He then flew to America first by himself, worked two to three jobs, slept in his car, sacrificed his health and saved up enough money to buy plane tickets for all FIVE of us kids. My oldest sister was already 18 at the time, so she had to go through the classes, pass the tests, give her oath, etc.

We could not and did not hop the border or sneak into the country, hide in the shadows, remain undocumented, all the while knowingly breaking the law of the land. AMERICA DOES NOT OWE THE WORLD FREE OR AUTOMATIC CITIZENSHIP. It is a huge privilege that you EARN, honor and respect.

The thing is that we are ALL dreamers. But in the end, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about turning those dreams into reality

If you and your family are legal immigrants too, I encouraged you to print out the attached photo below. Fill in what country you moved here from and add your social media name after the “@” (if you’d like). Take a photo/”selfie” with the paper, share your story in the caption if you want and then add the hashtag #LegalMakesTheDifference in your post. If you’d rather write the words out yourself instead of printing this out, then please do so. The important thing is that your voice is heard amidst the mainstream media lies.

Save this photo and print it out:AB91D53A-7696-47A5-948A-98585A7A86B3 (2)

Inspiration: I saw this photo on Instagram and was inspired! If you know who she is please let me know! I’ve been looking around and could not find her account/name but I’d really like to credit her.


I know that President Trump, legal immigrants/citizens and all patriots alike have no problem with immigration, as long as it’s done the proper way. There is no cutting in line or breaking the law without consequences. That’s something we learned as children. So get out there and use your voice. Happy Independence Day and God bless you all!

#LegalMakesTheDifference #AmericaFirst

– Bernadine


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