I Will Never Lose Wonder: A Letter To My Newborn Son

Its hard to believe this was written two years ago, just days after Jon was born. The words are still as true now as then… Happy Birthday son. 

Taken exactly two years ago today, at the birthing home where Jon was born.
Taken exactly two years ago today, at the birthing home where Jon was born.


It is one of, if not the most, miraculous thing I’ve ever been a part of and have ever experienced and witnessed in my life.

I look at you, and I can’t believe that just two weeks ago, you were inside my body. It’s nothing short of a miracle. It is borderline unbelievable. It brings a smile to my face that comes from the depths of my soul. You are so beautiful. You are so wonderful, absolutely perfect. And all this time, you were inside me.

Created, conceived, begun. Formed, forming and growing. Chest rising and falling, heart steadily beating, little hands and feet moving.

When you were not visible to the outside world, when nobody had a clue. When Mama’s tummy wasn’t showing for three months, you were a secret to them. A divine, marvelous, glorious secret to the world, but already changing the earth simply by existing.

Even more breath-taking… is that all this time Mama and Papa did not know… We had no clue who you were. Your gender. Your features. Your destiny. But Jesus… But God knew.

When you were smaller than the period at the end of this sentence, God knew you.

When you kept growing inside my womb, God knew you. Nine months ago, God knew you. But even before that, before the foundations of the world, before the universe was laid out, even before time began, God knew.

You were not born 14 days ago, son. You were not conceived nine months ago either. In the natural, yes.

But in the spiritual, you were created in the heart of God, conceived in His mind, loved and cherished so deeply before any of us even knew you were here.

I love you so much. Just as much as I love your sister. You two are the greatest miracles of my life. The biggest blessings your Mama and Papa could ever ask for. More than we could ever dream of.

You two surpass anything we could have spent a lifetime thinking of and asking for and imagining in our minds. You two truly are made in God’s image. I get it now… You are obviously a product of God’s design. A tangible expression of His glorious goodness. A sign that hope is not yet lost.

I love you and I will never cease to be amazed, every time I look into your eyes and into your sister’s eyes. As I watch the two of you grow each and every single day… I have been so blessed to be a part of creating you and bringing you into this world. A privilege to be called your Mama. I will never lose sight of the wonder of it all. And through your lives may God ever be glorified.
your Mama.

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