Love’s Declaration

Because of Him,
Nothing can touch me.

Not the disapproval of man,
Nor the praises of man.

Not their merciless condemnation,
the unforgiving list of past mistakes and records of past sin.

Nor their applauds and compliments,
conditional acceptance and fleeting celebrations.

Not the lack of friends in times of wilderness and rejection,

Nor the abundant company of co-laborers and those hungry for the Truth.

Because of Jesus,
Nothing can touch me.

Not conditional anything.

Whether it be love
acceptance or forgiveness.

Not the trials and storms
and delays of life…

For if He never changes,
And He is love,
Then His love for me
Will never alter.

For if He always lives,
And has never been not,
Then His desire for me
Will never cease.

And even death
couldn’t kill His pursuit.

Love had to rise again

For His love is like flames,
Which cannot be put out;
Invincible and eternal.

For His commitment is like Himself;
Ever faithful,
Even when we are not.

For His passion is undeniable,
Even when I don’t understand.

When I try to deny it,
For I don’t deserve it,
Still all I see are scarred
outstretched hands.

For His jealous love,
Is unlike anything on the earth
Or in Heaven…

For He is God,
He always has been,
And this universe
Was born when it submitted to Him-

Let there be!

And I will be

Forever enflamed
with the fires of passion

I will be
Forever consumed by His touch

Like a rose scorched up
By the fingers of eternity
To disintegrate all I thought I was
And be transformed into who I am
Who I was always meant to be.

I am loved

By Love.

And He will
Always have all of me

I cannot
Turn away

Look away

His passion
His strong engulfing
fulfilling intoxicating
desire for me

Is enough.

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