Im Pretty Sure God Drives A Standard

(Photo taken in 2006, on a cross-country move from California to Virginia...)

So a lot of changes have been going on for me these last few months (and by that, I mean all of the last eleven). I have been on a "journey"...

You know, sometimes you are sure, without a doubt! that you know what the will of God is for your life. And then you do. And then you don't. Not because He lies or changes His mind. But because of you.

You fail. Sometimes. A lot a times. To wait. To listen. Or to give yourself enough grace to say you don't have to have it all figured out before you press the start button today.

And then other times, He just simply shifts gears with each changing season and you have to be willing to ride it out with Him. To ride alongside Him and say, okay. Let's go. 

Why the curves, why the brakes? Why the u-turn, the speeding up and the slowing down? Why the sharp turns? Why the change of direction, the exit, the parking? Why why why. Rack our brains, we can try. Or we can just flow with it, as He asks us to trust Him a little more (and just a little bit more) with each passing mile.

I thought I knew. Tried so hard, squint to aim and throw the dart so I could finally say, "Aha! Gotcha!" But then that pinned thing morphs and slips away right before my very eyes. 

I'm finding, though, that they feed each other. They love each other in a complimentary-wouldn't-be-the-same-without-the-other, kind of way. So more than photography by itself, or art or design, or dance --it's words. It always has been. Words. Everything else compliments and feeds this desire.

I still don't know the answer... Or if there even is one. All i know is that right now, He is doing something with words. Revitalizing what was, firing up what could be... this dreamer is dreaming again although she got stuck in the confinements of reality for some time. 

(Something with words...) All I know is that it pleases me. And it pleases Him to please me with something that pleases Him back. In a mutual, endless cycle of fellowship... Something we have together. Something we share together... I can almost see that smile on His Face. I can almost feel it. And it causes me to grin...

The gears are shifting again. 

A little change is coming, a little at a time. And if this is another hint to ride it out, whatever is coming or what, then YES, Lord. 

So be it.