Train Up A Child

Article on Good News Chattanooga Magazine
By Bernadine Barber

August 2017 ISSUE (Page 30)

Children are a blessing, a reward, a heritage from the Lord! (Psalm 127:3-5). It’s true. But it still remains that, folly (or foolishness) is bound up in a child’s heart (Proverbs 22:15). However, the rod of discipline will drive it far away from him (Proverbs 22:15). Now it must be stated that abuse and neglect is ungodly. That is another story. However, discipline and correction are commanded by the Lord. 


Because if this inward, natural foolishness bound up in a child’s heart is not driven away from him through love-driven discipline, then it will plant itself firm within a child’s heart and then germinate (grow and spring up), multiply, and spread, causing heartache and chaos for himself and for those who are affected by him...