Tap On The Shoulder // Poem

Tap on the shoulder
gentle enough to reserve any surprise
when I turned a slight bit
to see a lady
as tall standing as I was sitting

Cheer in her face
joy in her voice
and she says
God bless you
without hesitation, again
God bless you

"...and bless your studies"

A tinge of guilt quickly came and went
as I said
oh thank you
thank you so much
God bless you too
have a good one!

walks away so pleased and proud
as if she were my own grandmother
I never knew

I look at my book
split half open facing me
as I faced the screen in front of me

Thrift store bought
just half an hour ago
"independent studies"
justified thought shot through my mind

thats what I am
guilty of
no classes registered
no time restrains no schedules
no rooms no lectures
no professors

Sitting at a fast-food restaurant
writing a poem

Someone's trash now my treasure
a college literature textbook
just a decade old is all

That tap on my shoulder
just as I
was beginning to type
the first poem Ive written
in a forgotten length of time

Thank You God
for that kiss of approval
that smile through an elderly lady
angel-like in her countenance
and manner of timing

Full circle
I know now
how to waste my life.