Hamilton Guide: RSM's Semi-Formal

The Ramp School of Ministry.

Ever heard of it?

If not, consider this your first glimpse into this great school. And lucky for you (I mean blessed for you! …doesn’t sound quite right -yet! Newest lingo trend anyone? Ahem…)

Anyways as I was saying, blessed for you ;) your first glimpse into the school is an exceptionally fun one where the instructors are dancing on stage and students are engaged and whatnot.

But first, a brief backdrop: The Ramp is a church/ministry located in north Alabama (Hamilton, to be exact) and was founded in 1998 by gospel singer/preacher Mrs. Karen Wheaton Towe and her husband Rick Towe. They and the other leaders and staff have a heart for young people and have started this ministry and school in obedience to God’s leading, in order to equip this generation in their God-given purposes before sending them off into the world!

Well, late last month, they hosted an event called Semi-Formal. My husband, Lawson, was one of the First Year Students who graduated on Saturday May 2nd (Whoot whoot! More on that later). The Semi-Formal Event was one of the ways the school wraps up the year, and it was a very enjoyable experience complete with beautiful décor and delicious food from Tollgate Cafe. Top that off with funny/random stuff going on on stage and everyone dressed top notch, and it was a celebration of this major accomplishment for sure.

Enjoy these photos and see a few more on my IG account @bernadinebarber !

Also, blessed for you ;) (is it catching on yet?) you can follow RSM’s Instagram account as well @therampschool and visit their website here !

And this last one is of me and Lawson (my husband, in case you’re still learning names). We got a date night out of the whole thing so it was especially fun for us. I am so proud of him and thankful to have this first year complete. Truly, it was by the grace of God.

Thanks for reading! Blessings!
(And blessed for you! >:p)