The Fight To Live A Meaningful Life

Lately, I have been noticing a struggle going on in terms of my desires for life. It’s the fight between wanting to live an easy life or a meaningful life…

Because sure… It’d be nice if all I had to care about was myself, my marriage and my children. Our home, our finances, our fun. How much “easier” would that be?! How convenient!

But something on the inside of me says, the world is bigger. 

Much bigger.

Needs are obviously everywhere. And ever present. And I’m convinced that one of the biggest reasons why those needs still exist is because the people who have been called to confront them, those who should do something about it, choose to live a “easy” self-centered life instead.

And they forfeit the meaningful.

The “I take care of me and you take care of you” mentality is a thief. Yes… comfort, luxury, “fun” and “happiness” sound just. plain. amazing. But should I forget all that I have been through?

All that The Lord has delivered and rescued me from? And how others are still suffering and hurting from the same lies and issues?

Can I look at faces of starving, unloved children in poverty and oppression and still be okay with a self-centered, shallow life?

Sometimes, I catch myself complaining about the simplest, silliest things and I say to myself (even out loud), “Oh well, it’s just a first world problem” and move on. Because my life is bigger than just my life.

Jesus died and was resurrected for us! Because He loved the world.

Not. Just. Me.

Because for some reason, I’m in the most blessed nation in the world, even though I was born in a wonderful but third-world country.

And 8 years ago, when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts and tried to end my life, The Lord revealed Himself to me and I was saved that very year.

I must be alive for a bigger purpose. A bigger reason than just for me and mine.

I love my family. They mean so much to me. I can’t imagine life without them. I literally can’t. But my husband and I are here for more than our love story. Our love story will reach the unloved with God’s grand Love story.

And my children are my heart! I want to give them so much more! But beyond that, I want to show them how to live a Christ-honoring life; loving people and being selfless for the cause of Christ. They’ll learn that best by our living it out. That is our goal as their parents…

To raise them to live their lives cheerfully given entirely to Christ.

There are lost, dying, hurting, suffering people who just need the Truth. And that’s exactly what I crave to give them. Whether they are in my neighborhood, in another country or just plain in this universe…

It’s a one need fits all; His name is Jesus.

Everyday, it’s a matter of guarding and transforming our hearts to make sure we don’t get sucked into the “me, me, and mine” mentality. Living for self falls way short of our true purposes in life.

The truth is that living eternally and selflessly is the most thrilling, happy, exhilarating and rewarding way we could ever hope to spend ourselves.

And to fight this fight of faith, we fix our eyes on Jesus who modeled the sacrificial, passionate and loving life the best… After all, He gave Himself. He truly gave it all.