Impossible Dreams Part 2

So what to do with these seemingly impossible dreams? I think the thing to remember is that although we are limited, He is absolutely not.

You can do what He has called you to do. You can fulfill the dreams He put in you, without having to water them down or choose one over the other. You will because your God is big. Very big. And He has no limits. Not with resources, energy, or time.

You may just be you, but God did not make a mistake when he sowed those very dreams in your DNA while you were being knit in your mother’s womb. And He had them in mind even before you were conceived. It must be a big deal to Him and an even bigger deal to fulfill them through you.

And as much as you try to:
and even despise your dreams,
your dreams will never die.

They will call out your name for the rest of your life.

And they WILL be impossible. At least to you. On your own. By yourself. Your own power and might will never be good enough.

But that’s okay.

God knew.

That’s why He gave you His Word, His Spirit, and His Grace.

What a relief it is to realize that these impossible dreams come (naturally) from a God who Himself only does what is impossible.

He cannot do “just enough”, normal, mundane, meaningless or common. On the contrary, any act of his IS a miracle, a wonder, and a sign. All He does is life, lovely, creative, and powerful. And nothing less.

Without Him, nothing is possible. Literally.

Nothing in existence would… exist.

If it were not for His Being.
His Be-ing:

His Words
His Mind
His creativity
His passion
His power
His might
and His Love.

For He is Love. And Love made all things possible. Love for God, and consequently, love for people should be what motivates your dreams.

So embrace them.
All that He gave you. All of it.

God gave them TO you because He intends to fulfill them THROUGH you because there are people who need to be reached BY you.

You were made for this.

He provides the super- to your -natural by filling you with His Spirit who will live in and through you:
to guide you,
speak to you,
prompt you,
warn you,
empower you,
teach you,
and even pray through you.

In order for “His will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven”, it will take supernatural empowerment to do what only God can do -through you.

So if your dreams seem intimidating, overwhelming, unrealistic, irrational, impossible…


That’s because you’ve arrived: at the end of your self and where surrender and faith really matter.

Every day, surrender.
Every day, clinging.
Every day, depending.
Every day, trusting.

Every day, spending time with your Father; just you and Him.
Every day, seeking to magnify the name of Jesus.
Every day, being led by His Spirit.

Walking together intimately and with:

…one day at a time.

You will get there one day at a time.

Welcome to the real journey.
You may just be beginning.

But you will absolutely not be disappointed.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. -Ephesians 2:10