Impossible Dreams Part 1

If your dreams are easy to achieve, don’t require any effort, and don’t challenge you, then you are selling yourself short.

There’s more.

And you know it.

If you have stopped dreaming altogether and have simply taken the status quo, you run on auto, barely feeling anything at all.

There’s more.

And you know it.

If you DO have dreams, even multiple, and they seem overwhelming even just to think about… well, that’s actually very good.

There’s more.

And now you know it.

You have tapped into God’s plans for your life and realize it’s a lot. It seems crazy and even outright ridiculous to our natural thinking. But why is this? If you know that you know that these dreams, callings, and purposes are from the Lord, then why do they seem so big and almost unattainable?

In short, it’s because He gave you impossible dreams on purpose.

You may find yourself wondering, “I’m just one person… just one life, with limited resources, energy, and time.”

How can I help end sex-trafficking? Or start businesses? Get a doctorate’s degree? Help all of these orphans? End abortion. Have a major positive impact in the media? In the science field? In government?

How can I be a fashion designer and an author? How can I reach “the unreachables”? How can I be a chain store owner and a pastor?

How can I be a missionary to India when I can’t even speak their language? How can I pursue a dancing career while raising four children? How can I ever have enough money to fund a ministry school for young people?

How can I? How would I?
Where do I begin?!

It’s beginning to hit me more and more: that God has literally called us to do the impossible. Not because He is just teasing us and He knows they won’t actually ever happen. No.

Rather, God gives us these seemingly impossible dreams because He cannot conform to our small thinking or our small ways of doing things. He is a BIG God with BIG Plans for those He loves with a BIG love. And that includes everybody.

He is faithful to do His part to fulfill the dreams He has put in our hearts. So what is our part? Consistently seeking Him and obeying Him, which requires faith in Him for the impossible.

On our own strength, might, logic or methods, we won’t make much of a dent for the Gospel and we won’t be able to fully attain those dreams.

But (and this makes all the difference) with God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.

We may be limited,

… but He is absolutely not.

(To be continued…)

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’” -Matthew 19:26