Hamilton Guide: Kristen Did My Hurr!

Once upon a time, I had hair so long it went down to my hips. Then last summer, I got tired of it so I got it chopped just above my shoulders. The lady who cut it didn’t really catch my drift but I just stopped asking for it to be fixed this way or that cause I didn’t want my hair to end up as short as my hubs. So I just left it alone. :] After several months, that block of hair just grew and grew. (Crazy, I know.) Then once again, it was time for a change. So I searched for a hairstylist and lo, and behold, my help came.

Meet Kristen.

She is a wonderful, fun, stylish ;] new friend who genuinely loves the Lord and definitely knows her thing when it comes to styling hair. I contacted her about getting a haircut  and that same week, she was able to come over to my apartment and cut not only my hair but also my son’s hair as well!

At first, it didn’t seem like Jon was gonna sit still but I quickly threw a notebook and some pens and highlighters on his lap and viola! It worked! He sat still the entire time. (And by entire time, I mean less than 30 minutes, because Kristen did it so well and so quick!) I love how my hair came out. I don’t cut it often, but this is one of the few times where I actually got exactly what I asked for, and then some!!!! And Jon is looking as handsome as ever!

Kristen is one of the very best ever. You can follow her on her Instagram or email her at kristen.wilkes@gmail.com. Thank you Kristen for your service and talent! I had fun just getting my hurr did!!