A Beautiful Journey

“Life is beautiful.”

Some may scoff at such a statement. Cringe at such a statement. Roll their eyes at such a statement. I know because I used to be one of them. If I was having a bad day or things in the future looked bleak, it would be hard for me to think, let alone say out loud, that “this life is beautiful”.

A beautiful journey.

However, recently I went through some things and I went through a fiery season where I almost had nothing at all. Be it material things, finances, free time, sunlight, exercise, or art or people or outings. All at once and all at the same time. And after going through something like that, I started craving the very things I used to take completely for granted. And then whatever good and pleasant thing I could find, I embraced it.

And I treasured it. Wholeheartedly.

And now I’m convinced that even in the midst of all the bad and the hard, the disappointments and the loss… It’s still there. It may be small; mere detail. It may be brief; just a moment in time. It may be faint; almost fading.

But in every day life, we can still see His mark. We can still see His presence. And we should try with all our being to embrace it the moment it is given to us. The moment it is revealed. In the midst of a less than perfect world (a fallen one at that) it is His kindness, His grace, His touch that keeps it from completely deteriorating right now.

In this life, God does not promise easy or painless. But what He does promise us is even better: that He is with us through it all. Knowing. Feeling. Understanding. Interceding.

Even when nobody else sees.

And if we let Him, by placing our trust and our lives in His care,
He will take any and every thing that we face and He will cause GOOD to come out of it.

Because He is greater. Greater than this fallen world, the enemy and our mistakes and sins. Because He is bigger. Because He is involved. Because he cares. And because He gave us life.

And He meant for it to be full.
He always meant for it to be full.
And by the finished work of Christ and the power of Holy Spirit, it can be again.

Both here and later.
Both now and forever.

Not because this life will be painless. Not because it will be easy. Not because it will be perfect. But because He has already won. And as we place our faith in Him, He will give us what He has won and cause us to see things through His eyes. And when we see things the way God does, we will not miss the beautiful. We will not take for granted the good. No matter how common or simple.

We will not complain and whine all day long. Instead, we embrace the hope and the joy and the love. With Him, we extract purpose out of pain and lessons from mistakes. And we move on. We will be filled with His Spirit and live free, content and full.

When we are truly aware that He is with us every step of the way, we will begin to embrace life for what it really is -a Beautiful Journey. And we won’t be able to see it any other way. This life is a beautiful journey, if for no other reason than because He is faithful. He really, truly is.

And for those who put their trust in Him, it is a journey that truly begins…
at eternity’s starting line. So keep the hope.